Ringing of ears is a mysterious and strange phenomenon, which can go from a slightly audible hum to fairly distracting loud noise that can make a person nearly go nuts. In medical terms this condition is called tinnitus can show up in various forms. It has been described as many sounds including hissing, whooshing, clanging, chirping, whistling, buzzing, roaring, humming, or beating.

On top of the numerous sounds associated with tinnitus, the harshness of the occurring noise varies between sufferers. The level of intensity can be different between people; one could be plagued with a disturbingly loud, clanging noise while the other person just has a slight humming sound which is hardly noticed. A great number of these irritated sounds are just ignored; however there are those cases where they get to a level that hampers a person’s day-to-day living. Without being mentally prepared or getting proper treatment tinnitus can bring on a lot of anxiety. Some of the symptoms for tinnitus create a chasing-a-gopher type mentality. The symptoms come and leave, appear in one ear, show up in just one ear, or alternate between ears. This heightens the frustration of coping with this phenomenon and can sometime damage the hearing ability of a person.

Tinnitus is split up into two types. The first happens due to damage happening in the ear, also it shows up not just in the area of the ear inner most parts but also all around the ear and onto the area of the brain, which is in charge of hearing. Most of the time, the inner ear Sober living near you getting damaged is a result of extremely raucous noises. Cells that are hair like are inside the inner ear and they are affected by loud sounds. In many cases the ear is only damaged temporarily and the noises in the ear disappear because the cells heal by themselves. However, if these cells wind up breaking the damage is permanent and the ringing will stay. Tinnitus due to damage to the ear normally occurs when the inner ear, however damage can also occur within one’s auditory system which involves the person’s vestibulocochlear nerve (known also as acoustic or auditory nerve) and inside the brain could also be this condition’s cause. The category of tinnitus is the more puzzling kind and therefore not understood as well.

The other type of tinnitus is objective tinnitus, which has a greater understanding of throughout the medical profession. It is normally linked to other medical problems which affect the flow of blood and be called pulsatile tinnitus. Pulsatile tinnitus it not nearly as predominant as the type caused by damage to the ear. This type has a rhythmic or pulsing sound which found in people afflicting with a heart murmur, hypertension, a glomus tumor, or abnormal arteries. Problems in the Eustachian tube along with certain cardiovascular conditions will cause pulsatile tinnitus. The conditions mentioned bring on a pulsing noise, instead of the constant sound of the type due to the damage in the ear does.

The objective tinnitus can be called atherosclerosis; this has been known to be heard but the medical professional as well as the person suffering from it. Atherosclerosis is caused from a certain condition in the person suffering with this kind of tinnitus. The condition will affect how the blood flows and can cause a noise which can even be heard by a doctor through his/her stethoscope around the area of the ear or neck.

It is rather sobering to find out the numerous people are afflicted with tinnitus. One-fifth of the population will one day have tinnitus. Some of the types of tinnitus can be cured while other types the people just have to learn to live with the best they can.

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