The Rise and Fall of “Saturday Night Live” on Satellite TV

If there’s ever been a show that people love to comment on, it’s definitely the sketch comedy extravaganza on NBC, “Saturday Night Live.” How one show has managed to launch so many incredible comedians, John Belushi and Bill Murray among them, is truly a testament to how good it has been. But for every young bright star who started out on “SNL,” it seems that there are a number of epic misses, whose comedic timing is less than stellar and whose spin-off movie projects are not even bad enough to be considered good again.

However, in the world of changing tastes and HD TV sets, there’s definitely still a place for “Saturday Night Live.” After all, things once started to go downhill in the 1990s after the departure of Will Ferrell, but after that slump, things picked back up again with Tina Fey heading back in 2004 to play Sarah Palin during the heated election times. In fact, the savvy political commentary that “SNL” brought to satellite TV during that time was good enough that the show even had a special segment airing during primetime on Thursdays, one of the best slots available on NBC. And even during tougher times, certain segments always managed to do a good job. There’s practically never been a bad “Weekend Update” anchor, and Amy Poehler was one of the best that the show had seen in many years, along with Seth Meyers, who heads things up on his own right now.

This recent cast of “Saturday Night Live” is definitely not “ทดลองเล่น Epicwin” one where you can immediately point out the best and brightest comedians of the future. In fact, it seems a bit like dead weight, which might be one of the reasons that ratings are down and people seem to have opted to turn their satellite TV sets to different channels – or go out on Saturday instead. While it is definitely fun to see someone who used to be on Nickelodeon’s “All That” make it into a grown-up career, there’s something seriously lacking from the cast – or perhaps this current crew of writers, now that Tina Fey has moved on to work on “30 Rock” instead. The one bright spot however, is the fact that the digital shorts seem to be consistently hilarious and often surprisingly off-color for network. With guest appearances by everyone from Susan Sarandon to Justin Timberlake, the digital shorts and music videos alone are worth tuning in – though catching them online once they go viral might often be a far better use of one’s time.

However, you can’t just dismiss “Saturday Night Live” as it is a huge cornerstone of America’s popular culture history. Whether it’s catching the re-runs over on Comedy Central and seeing incredible moments from the past, or catching a surprisingly good episode during this somewhat dry run, there’s always going to be space for “SNL” on satellite TV, and in the hearts of many Americans.


Hoodies – The Ultimate Fashion Statement of 18 to 24 Year Olds

Hoodies! They have a long, somewhat difficult history in the United Kingdom. Its history in the UK is similar to what 18 to 24-year olds have to go through with their parents during the long difficult years of teenagers. Hoodies are the symbol of teenage angst and devil-may-care attitude.

What are Hoodies? Hoodies are pieces of versatile and comfortable clothing that are popular with the younger set, especially 18 to 24 years old. They are pullovers with a characteristic hood, thus, the term “hoodies.” Hoodies often have large frontal pockets and drawstrings to adjust the hood opening.

Hoodies: A History

You might not have noticed it, but hoodies date back to the Middle Ages as Catholic monks’ clothing. Look carefully at the monk’s garment and you will see similarities in design to the cowl. Cowls are the decorative hood that Catholic monks wear over their tunics or robes. The hoodie as it looks now were first worn by labourers in New York in the 1930s. These labourers work in frozen warehouses. Claire McCardell, the American fashion designer that introduced casual dressing to Americans, popularised the hoodie by designing entire collections based on the hoodie. The 1970s made the hoodie more popular than ever. The hip hop culture that rick and morty hoodies grew along New York streets loved the hoodie because of the anonymity that the hood brings. High fashion, such as Norma Kamali’s collections glamorised the hood-ie. Movies, such as Rocky, added to the popularity of the hoodi-e.

Hoodies and its Popularity in the UK

Hoodies came to the shores of the UK when the hip hop culture started to go mainstream. The hoodies’ popularity with 18 to 24 year olds was unmistakable because of its promise of mystery, anonymity, and anxiety. A professor at Goldsmiths College in the UK, Angela McRobbie, said that the hoodie is part of the distancing of the 18 to 24 year olds to the school uniform and the office suit. She said that the hoodie is a symbol of rebellion and works the same way as the leather jacket and bondage trousers in the past youth cultures. In May 2005, the hoodie gained notoriety when a Kent shopping centre, Bluewater, banned hoodie wearers from their premises. When Prime Minister Tony Blair supported the anti-hoodie call, the public was outraged. Lady Sovereign, a London-based rapper, wrote the song “Hoodie” in protest. People joined the “Save the Hoodie” campaign especially since the cold winters of 2009 to 2010 forced people to wear hoodies to keep warm from the freez

Designers of Women’s Tankini Swimwear

There are a number of designers who have jumped on the tankini band wagon. Many are well known designers such as Anne Cole, Liz Claiborne and Caribbean Joe to name just a few. Each designer has made a good product even better by adding a number of features that benefit women of all sizes and shapes. From coverage to slimming properties, women have options that have never been available to them before now and it is all because one designer wanted to design a bathing suit for her daughters that would protect their delicate skin from the sun.

Anne Cole is the designer of the original tankini swimsuits. She introduced them to the world in the late 1980’s as children’s swimwear. Since this time many designers have added even more features to them and placed their own labels on them in hopes of getting in on the popularity. They succeeded in their goals and now the tankini swimwear is the most popular style of bathing suits in the world. They have added new features to tops as well as bottoms that make them desirable even to plus size women.

Some designers such as Christina and Delta Burke have designed women’s swimsuits specifically for plus size women. These swimsuits include an underwire for support to the bust as well as slimming panels that help slim the waist and tummy. Their bottoms are designed to give the most coverage for ladies who don’t want the revealing appearance of a bikini bottom. They designed bottoms that have a boy cut leg and others that have a skirt that helps hide the upper thighs. The length of the bottoms can vary from boy cut length to shorts style length.

The designer tops are created with both the Vandy Vape large busted woman in mind as well as the small busted woman. Some designers design their tops with cinching that helps create the illusion of a smaller waist. This same type of top can make ladies with a long torso appear as though they have a shorter torso. Some of the tops are designed to help larger busted women gain the support they need when being active in water and beach sports with and underwire. In a shelf type bra the underwire is floating so you don’t have to worry about it sticking you in the side or pinching.

A bandeau tankini can be worn by either a plus size woman or ladies who are somewhat smaller. They combine a band or tube top style band with slimming and support properties to make women’s bathing suits more secure. Some bandeau swimwear that is cinched can give the appearance of a flatter tummy. There are a number of different styles of the bandeau as well of other tankinis that offer women a variety of benefits. Next time you are shopping for a bathing suit, check out the designer styles that can have you strolling on the beaches in style with confidence. Choosing a designer brand could make all the difference in the world.


Dementia: Loss of Cognitive Ability

Dementia is loss of cognitive ability in a person either due to global brain injury or some disease that results in memory loss. If it occurs before the age of 65 then it is known as early onset dementia. The word dementia comes from a Latin word meaning madness. It can be considered as a non-specific illness syndrome where the areas of brain concerned with memory, language, attention and problem solving are severely affected. About six months are required for the disease to be diagnosed and in later stages the affected persons may become disoriented in time. Dementia is treatable up to a certain degree but as the disease advance the symptoms become incurable. The symptoms of the disease may or may not be reversible and it depends upon the etiology of the disease.

The possibility of complete freedom from the symptoms of dementia is less than 10%. Dementia can be confused with the short-term syndrome delirium if careful assessment of the patient’s history is not done as the symptoms are somewhat similar. Depression and psychosis can be used for differentiating dementia and delirium. Many types of dementia are known that differing slightly in their symptoms. The symptoms of different types may overlap, so diagnosis is done by nuclear brain scanning techniques. Most common types of dementia include Alzheimer’s disease, vascular and frontotemporal dementia and dementia with Lewy bodies. A person may suffer from one or more types of dementia simultaneously at a time.


Dementia is of different types and the classification is mainly based on the intensity of symptoms whether they can be reversed or areas of brain affected.

1. Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the CBD Lip Balms most common type of dementia frequently seen in the age group of 65 years or above. Reports suggest that about 4 million people in the United States are suffering from this disease. About 360,000 new cases of Alzheimer’s disease are reported every year and 50,000 Americans die annually. In majority of the individuals the symptoms appear after the age of 60 but the early onset of symptoms is linked to genes. The disease causes a gradual decline in the cognitive ability of an individual within 7-10 years and nearly all brain functions associated with memory, movement, language, judgment, behavior and abstract thinking are badly affected. Two chief abnormalities of brain are typically associated with Alzheimer’s disease namely, amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. Amyloid plaques are unusual clumps of protein (beta amyloid) containing degenerating bits of neurons and other cells that are present in the tissues between the nerve cells. Neurofibrillary tangles are bundles of twisted filaments present within the neurons and are chiefly made up of a protein known as tau. In healthy neurons tau protein helps in the functioning of microtubules but in this disease they twist to form helical filaments that join in the form of tangles resulting in disintegration of microtubules.


Moonwalk the Walk to Business Success

Michael Jackson “moonwalked” his way to success. That was his signature.

Then again, nobody said you have to perfect “moonwalking” to be as successful as he was. The King of Pop was just an example of how you can come up with your own signature, be famous and successful in your chosen field.

Sort of like promoting your website. Many websites are now successful because they created a name for themselves. It is not only about how famous the owner or the product is. It is about how visible they are and how they rule the search engines.

If you are new in the marketing field, you and your business can have that same status if you follow the steps that others have already taken. What are they?

Web Content.

Your content is what your business is all about. Believe it or not, readers will judge you by how your contents are. You know why? Because this is what they will see the most in your website. Pictures are just attention grabbers. The content is what is more important.

Get to know your market. Research if you have to. Add creativity and a little bit of imagination and you can write contents that should win customers hands down.


Once you have established yourself in your Tip Vapor niche, other businesses will be more than willing to refer you to their clients. They can have your link inside their website or reprint your contents in one of their pages. This is a surefire way for you to get exposed.

Do not underestimate the power of referrals. No man is an island in internet marketing. Partnering up with businesses related to yours is beneficial to your business. Take the time to look for partners you can promote and will promote you.

Social Networking.

Your social skills should not be limited to your offline contacts. Social marketing have already made it possible for you to do this without having to leave home. Social networking sites are not only for gossips and latest news. They are also used for promoting your business.


Black Soap – A Real Health Product!

I used to purchase different beauty products from health stores, pharmacies and multi-level marketing companies. They were all very expensive products that claimed they had “all natural ingredients”. I became really curious and took the time to Google some of the ingredients listed. To my surprise they contained additives that had chemicals altering the goodness of what they originally started out with – my thoughts – these companies really know how to market products. Not only was I paying a high price but it turned out that the products were not as “natural” or “organic” as the label stated.

Then I met someone at a local health show who introduced me to black soap. He said it was pure soap from western Africa and did not contain any additives. At first I was reluctant, again my curiosity set in, it helped because it had a low price tag ($20.00) – a fraction of the cost of what I spent on the other so-called “natural” products. I started with the shampoo – which I now use on everything, face, body and hair. Despite our 42 billion dollar health and beauty industry that claims you need a different product for every piece of your body. Not so.

I Googled black soap and this is what I found.

Black soap is made from the ash of palm trees leaves, tree bark, cocoa pods, plantain leaves, and shea tree bark. The leaves and bark are sun-dried and then roasted in a kettle, pot or a vat. Water and various oils – palm oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil – even Shea butter and cocoa pod powder are added and stirred for a day. The “soap” is left to set for two weeks to cure.

The ash itself was often used to heal cuts. Black soap that is actually made and shipped in from Africa tend to be the purest, while black soaps manufactured in Europe and the States tend to have added artificial ingredient – this is where the costs builds in our retail world. Black soap should range in colour from beige to dark brown. It should not be black – if so, there are colour additives to match the name – don’t fall for that marketing scheme.

The plantain skins give the soap Vitamin A & E and iron. Because the soap has the highest Shea butter content of any soap, it also contains a pure content of low UV protection (15 SPF). The soap is also good for sensitive skin and recommended for babies and the elderly. The African black soap is used by some of the native tribes in Africa to clean babies after birth so it is proven how really safe it is.

Keeping the pure ingredients pure and arriving on my doorstep still in a pure state has been quite a time- consuming but successful task. While the main ingredients may vary with the production of these soaps they are still kept simple and constant. No fancy labels and just pure ingredients.

There are many claims on the benefits of using African Black Soap. It is said that it helps relieve rashes, scalp irritations, softens rough skin, oily skin, dry skin, acne, blemishes and other different sensitive skin problems. This soap gives your face a deep cleanse by removing dirt MY BAR Disposable Pods and bacteria while drawing out environmental toxins that sit in facial pores. The soap makes your face actual feel clean – remember to hydrate your skin. Please see my article on the benefits of Shea butter moisturizer.

In closing, my little adventure has turned me into a huge believer of black soap and Shea butter products. At a fraction of the price to anyone out there as curious as me – try the black soap and Shea butter – you won’t be disappointed.

My on-line store is [].

Drop me a line on any other real products that you have had an adventured with or have had a good experience – lets help spread good health products! Keep Well!

Herbal Hair Solution – A Natural Hair Loss Remedy That Could Help Regrow Hair?

Yes, I am balding too and have been looking intensively for a cure or natural hair loss remedy that could help me regrow hair. Or at least, help my hair regrow back to where it was 5 years ago, which was not as bad as it looks now. You might have noticed that hair loss in men, so called male-pattern baldness is a common problem seen today. Balding men have probably been around for quite some time but environmental factors such as pollutants are adding to increasing numbers of people who suffer from this terrible state of being. Male hair loss or so called male pattern baldness is hereditary, but hair loss can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance of the male or female hormones, known as androgens and estrogens.

Honestly, who cares as long as my hair can finally start regrowing again!
Of course I would like to use a natural hair loss remedy that would not have many terrible side-effects as can be seen in prescription hair loss drugs. I also do not want to spend a lot of money on some expensive prescription or non-prescription hair loss drugs that are advertised extensively today. Before I found the Herbal Hair Solution treatment as a safe and inexpensive way to treat my hair loss I looked around for some other products in the hair loss market.

Some of the hair loss prevention products (that by no means are natural hair loss remedies on the market today) are Propecia, Rogaine (Monoxadil), Avacor and Proxiphen. However, taking prescription or non-prescription hair loss prevention products , such as Propecia, Rogaine (Monoxadil), Avacor and Proxiphen are for me just adding more problems as possible side-effects are usually part of the big problem. The high price of these products are also a major turn off point. These medicines usually take about six months before one could tell they are working. After all, there seems to be some truth that hair loss prevention drug companies want to make big money in the hair loss industry and on balding people like us.
So why not rather look for Juicy Jays a natural hair loss remedy that would have less or no side-effects and does not cost much either? Does such a product exist ?

On the other hand, of course I could accept the way I look, a balding man…give up the hope that my wonderful black hair will ever grow back or at least show signs of recovery and forget finding a natural hair loss remedy. There seem to be quite a few charismatic or famous people out there that suffer from male pattern baldness – but charisma or fame is not something I really have right now.

So, I looked for a natural hair loss remedy that might look promising and I found the Herbal Hair Solution.

The Herbal Hair Solution is a secret natural herbal hair remedy. This natural hair loss remedy consists of a secret Indian recipe that can cure male pattern baldness and has established a good reputation already among many balding men. Besides the great benefits of the Herbal Hair Solution by stopping baldness and regrowing your hair, this natural hair loss remedy offers a herbal hair solution against dry scalp and dandruff as well.


Your Commercial Trailer Brakes Reviewed

What do you look for in a commercial vehicle trailer repair shop? Low rates? Honest, fast service? Local repairs for your highway unit? Whether you live in Winnipeg or if it’s just a stop along your long or short haul run there are some great reasons to have your heavy truck and trailer serviced right here. Trailer brakes seem to be one of the most neglected safety sensitive parts on an entire 18 wheeler.

Living in the prairies of Canada leaves many truck drivers paying less attention to things they should, like brakes. When you got the trailers being owned by a big corporation, the stopping power in those brake drums and pads sometimes get left behind as they have a tendency to get neglected.

When you drive through the rocky mountains you like to save your truck brakes by using the trailer brakes only in your rig. Is this fairly safe or what? Absolutely not safe, and Pastel Cartel ESCO Bars
especially in the mountains. The way an 18 wheeler braking system is designed is the entire weight of the truck, trailer, and freight are suppose to be stopped with all the brakes put together. That’s the mountains, were talking prairies here, check your braking system.

When you put the stress of slowing down or stopping on a down hill mountain grade with just the trailer brakes, those pods are assuming the job of the truck brakes too. Overheating is only a matter of time, glazed brake pads, smoke, fires, you name it.

Some Universal Facts About Trailer Brakes: Questions & Answers

Q: You’ve got a leaky air line going to one of your trailer brake pods and decide to close off the one air line with vice grips to stop the air loss. Good or bad idea?
A: Bad idea, the fact that there is a foreign object deliberately placed onto your air line shows intent to break the law. Not only that you still have your faulty air line which is not fixed.

Q: You have a brake pod hanging by the air lines and there is no leak, should you keep going?
A: Absolutely not, what is to stop the brake pod from hitting the highway or other parts of the trailer when you are driving. Trailer brakes are one of the most safety sensitive parts of the entire trailer and when you continue knowingly down the road with such an extreme defect you can face criminal charges if a major accident occurred.

Remember, next time you depart on a west run to the Rocky Mountains, leaving from a fleet of trucks and trailers owned by a big Winnipeg company, keep in mind that those bogey wheels on the back of your 52 foot ‘Lode King’ trailer or dry van or whatever it may be, needs to be checked for stopping power. Prairie cities don’t need as much brake use as hilly Alberta or Ontario but our shops are raring and ready to adjust the slacks on your wagon.

12 Ways to Keep Your Data & Identity Safe Online

How to Boost Your Digital Security for Peace of Mind

From the recent Facebook data breach to compromised customer data at huge companies like FedEx and Delta, personal security is more relevant than ever.

In fact, it might even seem that our data is under attack!

While you can’t always prevent data security issues, here are 12 ways to help you protect yourself in this fast-moving digital age:

1. Stop sending sensitive information digitally.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people email tax documents to their accountant, or text a password to a family member in a pinch.

2. Beware of public Wi-Fi.

Anything you send in a coffee shop or airport can be intercepted by someone on the same network. Consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when you’re out and about.

3. Secure your texts.

Whether you use a free app like WhatsApp or a paid Android or iOS solution, there are lots of end-to-end encryption options, ensuring only you and the recipient see messages.

4. Stay up to date.

If you don’t, you could be at risk for malware, viruses and Vape Device cybercrime attacks. Make sure your operating system and software are updated – many devices do this automatically.

5. Worry less about wireless.

Secure your wireless network with a password so nobody can jump onto your Wi-Fi network and steal info.

6. Be cautious of clever email scammers.

Today’s phishing emails can have links that lead to realistic-looking websites. Never give out passwords or other sensitive info by email, text or phone unless you’re sure that you’re talking to the actual organization.


DR’s Secret Natural Skin Care – Looking Radiant, Healthy and Youthful in Weeks

DR(Derma Revolution)’s Secret, made in USA, is a revolutionary skin care range that brings defining results to your skin complexion and overall countenance. It allows your skin to experience the process of renewal and rejuvenation in s Simple, Safe and Speedy way.

Infused with skin-loving vitamins and minerals to give your skin a whitening and rejuvenating boost, DR’s Secret addresses common skin problems such as wrinkles,

Fine lines, acne blemishes and pigmentation, delivering a younger and healthier look in weeks!

Every woman and man dreams of a radiant, healthy youthful skin. And DR’s Secret takes years way from your complexion. We want the secret revealed to you. DR’s Secret- it was made to your dream come true.

DR’s Secret T Series Skin Perfection Program – Customized to fit your skin needs

The recommended regime for the following three groups of skin types are:

a. Normal/Oily Skin Type

Corrective regime: Day – cleanser, toner, skinlight, sunscreen, Night – cleanser, toner, skinlight, skinrecon.

Maintenance regime: Day – cleanser, toner, skinrecon, sunscreen, Night – cleanser, toner, skinrecon.

b. First Time Users/Sensitive Skin Type

Corrective regime: Day – cleanser, toner, skinlight, sunscreen, Night – cleanser, toner, skinlight mixed with skinrecon.

Maintenance regime: Day – cleanser, toner, skinrecon, sunscreen, Night – cleanser, toner, skinrecon, moisturizer.

c. Pigmentation Skin Type

Corrective regime: Day – cleanser, OXVA Vape toner, skinlight, skinrecon, moisturizer, sunscreen, Night – cleanser, c15 essence, toner, skinlight, skinrecon, moisturizer for 2 nights and cleanser, toner, skinlight, skinrecon, moisturizer for 5 nights.

Maintenance regime: Day – cleanser, toner, skinrecon, sunscreen, Night – cleanser, toner, skinrecon.

Other application note:

1) Amount of T3 is 2 to 3 drop, amount of T4 is 2 to 3 full pumps, regardless apply them separately or mixing them before application.

2) Always apply moisturizer if skin feels dry

3) vorrect and maintenance regimes are recommended to use in alternate weeks.