What Should I Call This Fishing Article?

There are so many titles for this live bait article that come to mind, I should start with a few titles. Rock Your Water With Live Bait. Match the Hatch- er Make the Hatch. Make the Fish in Front of You Go Mad. Loose Feed for Success. BlueGill Tsunami. So those are some titles I would use to tell you about the top method for getting all the fish feeding in your area. Did I say all the fish? Yes. Even on a slow day, this method takes fish out of neutral or non-feeding behavior and puts the fish’s little fins on the feeding gas pedal. You can truly make the water boil in front of you and draw fish in from 100’s of feet away. The fish in your area will fight over your hook bait causing serious takes and aggressive movements underwater. I have to warn you, this article might change the way you fish forever. If you fish catch-and-release, this will also make the fish in your pond more healthy and larger. If you have invested in many artificial baits, you might just kiss these good bye. Although – even with this method, your artificial baits will work better following this direction.

Feed Them And They Will Come

There are two elements you would use to make bluegills, crappies, perch go stark-raving mad in front of you. This method works when you are either double-anchored in place or from shore. You will want to fish one spot and one spot only because you will have the hottest spot on the lake. What is nice about the method is that you will always hear others say how you had a good spot, or the fish were really going crazy on that spot. Lucky you. Since I fish public lakes, I can hear these people say this same phrase every time I go because their voice carries across the water. I make my spot great, and I can do it on nearly every part of that pond.

Warning- Awesome Fishing Can Be Yours

I will give you a second warning- this method will also attract these poor anglers who are not catching much. You will experience them trying to cast closer and closer to you. If they are nice, share what you are doing. If they aren’t well -get creative. I’ll tell you what to do at the end if those anglers get in too close or are rude…

Simple Method Astonishing Fishing

The method is simple. Add food to the water in one precise spot and create competition. The end. It is that simple. So for food, I buy spikes in bulk – the ultimate bait on the planet. All fish eat it. I caught 15″ rainbow trout (landed 1 of 3) and 17″ channel catfish (2 of them) last time out on spikes. Big fish eat these all the time underwater. The first part of the food and attractant is a ground bait. This is a mixture of loose crumb that when moistened allows me to pinch a coin-sized portion and toss it out 10 – 40 feet away where I am fishing. This ground bait hits the water and starts to break up immediately in the water column. As it falls the bits of crumb, ground seed and grain particles fall through the water. As any possible food items would visually attract fish, the falling particles, the cloud, the splash of the food entering, the scent and also the sound of other fish feeding turn fish on. Fish from all around the area head to the sound and scent to get in on feeding. The scent of food flips the feeding switch and triggers aggressive hunting behavior like no artificial bait could do with action or artificial flavor https://expressfishings.com/.

A Little Hatch in The Water

Next, I have a sling shot designed for the task with a pouch that holds about a quarter’s surface area of bait. I load in 3 – 5 spikes and fire that over the top where the ground bait entered the water. Spikes are the perfect bait as they fall through the water very slowly. A spike will take well over 1 minute to travel through 13 foot of water! The slow-falling moving grubs catch the eye of these sight-feeding predators who move in and compete for the little food in the water.


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