A reseller hosting plan is something that we come across many times. It is a plan that offers you more space and bandwidth than a regular shared hosting plan. However, a reseller plan is still considered as a shared hosting plan because it is not a dedicated server. This Netflix Unblock means that there will be other sites that will still share the same IP address and server with you. This are all some important points that you must know before you pay $24.95 a month for a reseller plan.

However, nowadays, there are companies that offer multiple domain name setup if you sign up with their reseller plan. It is a strange feature but there must be a reason behind this. For a small hosting company, you will usually need different admin panel screen for your users to be able to access their stats or setup their own email. If you might have several sites medium in size, you would probably be better of choosing a multiple site sharing plan rather than choosing a reseller plan. Although a reseller plan could save you some money, it will proof to be waste of your time when it could not meet up to your expectations.

At the moment, HostGator is providing a package with unlimited site hosting on 3 of the larger plans of theirs. This means that once you have your account set up with HostGator, you add domains or sub-domains just by accessing the cpanel. This feature is magnificent for your business and website.

To get the best from any hosting company, try to look for those this includes extra features. As an example, some companies offer certain upgrade option that may be very interesting. For instance, you were using a shared hosting plan, using 3000 MB with 8 GB of bandwidth. After half a year of business, your business expanded and you need to upgrade in your servers and so on. Will the provider company be able to offer you upgrade? How about 1 year later and so on? Therefore, we need plan ahead of things before we choose our hosting company.

By knowing this information, you could save yourself $15 to $20 per month. A reseller plan may be able to offer multiple admin panel but it is still a shared hosting plan. Once you know what you will be getting from a provider, you can have a clear picture of what you can achieve with your website.

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